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My goal is a simple one, to give you the information you need, when you need it, so you can make the right decision with your investment. 

Whether you’re buying your family’s new home, or renting or purchasing a commercial building for your growing business. 

Amarillo Precision Home Inspection gives you peace of mind.

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Manufactured Home Certifications

What is A HUD Permanent Foundation Inspection?

A HUD engineering foundation inspection is:

To conduct a structural inspection for determining:

What about Engineering Inspections of Additions?

Decks, porches and room additions are regulated by the

construction codes for each state and/or local housing

authority. If the property has an addition attached after the

home was sited, the attachment is not regulated by HUD

Standards or Regulations. If an addition has been added to a

manufactured home, it may take the home out of

conformance with the Standards.

Permanent Foundation Certifications of Manufactured Homes.

Certifications of additions to Manufactured Homes.

Expedient Service with Professional Reports

Often the last service to be ordered for the sale of a manufactured home are the permanent foundation and/or addition(s) certification(s). To keep the overall cost down and provide a very timely service, we work very hard with a engineering firm MFD Home Certifications to make sure that the report is available 2 to 3 days after inspection. Turnaround time is generally quicker.

Buy-Back Guarantee Is Included

If the home inspector misses a covered item, InterNACHI® will buy the home. The Guarantee may be honored for up to 90 days after closing. Additional terms and conditions apply, and the details are available at

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